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Shell Yeah - How Shells Work, Plus a Shell in Python

Feb 10th, 2019


To create this website, I installed npm, edited posts with vim, and launched a local development server from my favorite shell, zsh. Referred to as a command line, shells have been a critical part of computer systems for almost as long as we have had computer…


Conway's Game of Life With Pure Python

Feb 2nd, 2019


The Game of Life (or Life) is a simple cellular automata created by John Conway. Life takes place on an infinite matrix of cells, that may either be alive or dead.

Life is a sparse matrix, meaning most cells at any given time are dead. Array implementations for Life will waste a lot of space storing dead cells. Also, array implementations that use iteration over all cells are slow, at O(n


Build a GraphQL API with Django and Python3

Jan 6th, 2019


GraphQL APIs are becoming commonplace with the rise of React and modern Javascript. NodeJS is the backend for most GraphQL Servers. But if you are like me and love Python, you will love to know that Django has support for GraphQL in Graphene!

In this…


Creating a Component Library for React with Babel 7 and Jest

Dec 6th, 2018


Recently I was considering creating a reusable component pack to share across projects. Reusable components keep sites visually clean and consistent. Component libraries also promote DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) codebases. What's not to like?

You will need…