React Django CookieCutter - Fullstack Web Application Template

Nov 2nd, 2019


I suffer from a problem that's familiar to a lot of developers, which we can call "Side Project Restarting Syndrome". There's a lot of neat code sitting on my laptop, neglected, unused, because it's stuck needing more boilerplate, a project to be put into, or a better Makefile.

Rather than let all of my ideas languish in my spikes/ and sketches/ folders until my SSD gives out from running npm install, I set out to create a new, easy-to-use, and opinionated boilerplate that starts my projects just how I like them.

React Django Goodstuff

Created with hackathons, weekend projects, and micro-SaaS apps in mind, React Django Goodstuff (RDG) is an opinionated boilerplate to create new projects using, well, React and Django.

It's got some other things going for it:

  • Docker Based Development.
  • Redis & Postgres Support
  • Social logins with Django AllAuth
  • Support for Github Actions, pretty much the spiritual successor to Travis CI.

...and a horde of other features.

What about other templates?

All the other templates for Django I have seen are either too opinionated (like including Gulp and Boostrap for SSR) or not opinionated enough (like the vanilla Django template). This template is the right format for me as a developer, and optimized for creating cool stuff fast.

There are literally a ton of other CookieCutter templates on Github under the topic cookiecutter-template, however. If RDG isn't right for you, you can find (or make) a template you like instead!

Where To Get It

You can check out the source code over on Github. Alternatively, if you already have CookieCutter installed and you're eager to try it out, you can install it like this:

cookiecutter gh:madelyneriksen/react-django-goodstuff

Note that you will also need Make (here is a tutorial for beginners) and Docker to use the project!